HeaderFine art in the genres of fantasy and science fiction (Fairies,Dragons, Unicorns, Aliens,
Elves and more), nature (including botanicals, herbs, and animals), Gothic and dark art inspired
designs and Pagan and symbol designs. These are the most prevalent designs found though we have
many other single designs that may well appeal to those interested in the above



Tara Upchurch  attended Riverside Community Collage until the age of  24.  Tara was mostly self taught in the arts. but has been fortunate to have a mother who is also an artist, and learned much from her. Tara has been working as a freelance artist full time since 1997 and has enjoyed greatly meeting the people who were her "boss" for the time she was honored enough to work for.

From the Artist:
"I hope everyone who stops by enjoys the
creations as much as I loved dreaming
them up. I love to wonder where tomorrow will take me and what fantastic world, setting or charectar I will see next! Thank you to everyone who has supported me so much over the years! Here is to many more to come.

                                        Tara Upchurch

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